Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Golden Etsy Words

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a mystery that I've been trying to wrap my mind around for a long time. It seems like an illusive thing out there that crawls around the internet plucking words and images from web pages to sort them in order according to a magical formula that only brainy people can understand. I don't claim to know the science of the world wide web but I think I have hit pay dirt in some areas.

During my research over the last couple of months I've been trying some experiments to see what kind of results I would get. It was an article that I read about finding "golden tag words" that got me really excited. Digging for these words, just like panning for gold, takes a lot of patience and a good chunk of time but I'm willing to invest in the future of Mama Bleu Designs. I like to grab a tall beverage and my business journal and sit at my patio table with my laptop for a couple of hours when I'm doing research like this.

I did my best to explain relevancy a few weeks ago. This information goes much deeper than that!

So....what are golden words and how can you find them?

Google has a keyword tool that help us find words that, when used on our website, can improve our visibility. Where it says "word or phrase" you can type in some of the words you are currently using in your titles or tags. After clicking "search" you'll see a whole list of words/phrases. If you don't want to dig any further than this you will at least another list of words that you can use to describe your items. When you have more than one of a certain item in your shop you will want to title and tag them all differently to increase your chances of being found.

If you want to take this information to the next level it can increase your SEO. This is what completely fascinated me! Included on the list of words is additional information.... competition and global monthly search

Competition is rated high, medium or low - referring to how many times this word/phrase is USED.
Global Monthly Search is the number of times this word/phrase was used to SEARCH for an item.

If you find a word/phrase in your list that has a high monthly search number AND a low competition rating you have found pure gold! This means they are descriptive words/phrases that aren't used much by your competition but they are very popular search terms being used by your potential customers. This is why you want to use them!

I told you I did some experimenting. I put one of these golden phrases on a couple of my listings to see what would happen. I didn't see any results immediately.  But, as I was checking my stats a few days later I saw that the exact phrase was used to find my item/shop. I now see it in my stats "keywords" almost every day. Just imagine if we used GOLDEN WORDS on all of our listings!!!!

It's time for you to pan for your own gold!!