Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Etsy Science: Customer Service and Gift Cards

The best resource for teaching someone about something is your own personal experiences.

During my 15 year career with Creative Memories I found that the best way for me to give excellent customer service was to familiarize myself with every aspect of my business that my customers would experience. If I didn't know the steps they would have to go through when they ordered from my website then how could I answer any questions they might have about the process? The lessons I learned from this were invaluable!

Today, as I walked through the process of using a gift card on etsy, I was reminded of this lesson once again. Now I know why I've gotten so many questions from frustrated customers. They couldn't get their redemption code to work and I didn't know how to help them. If you have never redeemed a gift card on etsy, you may find it helpful to know a few things about the process.

I assumed that when I made my purchase, all I needed to do was enter the gift card "redeem code" at check out. But, when I did this, I received an error message each time. What I discovered is that this box is ONLY for discount codes from that shop.

So here's the deal......
You need to go to to turn the "redeem code" into shop credit. Once you do that, your credit shows up at the top of your screen.

Another thing I learned is that every item of every shop that accepts etsy gift cards will have that little green box with a bow symbol next to the item. That way, when you are shopping, you will know immediately if you can use your shop credit toward that purchase.

When you make a purchase you simply check the box if you want to use your credit. I had $25 in credit and made an $18 purchase today. The leftover credit is still in my account and never expires.
One thing you need to know if you are an etsy shop owner is that you cannot pay your monthly etsy bill with this credit.

I want my customers to have an enjoyable, stress-free shopping experience at Mama Bleu Designs. Every little bit that I can learn about navigating the process allows me to improve my customer service that much more!!

Happy Holiday Shopping!!

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