Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Etsy Science and SEO: Word Weaving

In part one and part two of this series on Etsy Science and SEO we looked at how important keywords are, and the way they are placed in your title, description and tags can improve the success of your shop. Today we're going to look at some components of our shop appearance that we may easily overlook but can become vital keys to getting found on Google. Our Shop Title, Shop Announcement and Shop Sections can be key worded too. So let's learn how to do some more word weaving.

Your Shop Title is different from your Shop Name. It is an title bar that can be personalized with 54 characters. Without the knowledge of the power of this small area of your shop you might be tempted to repeat your shop name or put something cute and non-signification here. 

I suggest that you string together some of the keywords that most identify your shop. Check out the way this shop, this shop and this shop effectively use keywords in their title to tell you what they are all about.

The next area of importance is your Shop Announcement box. We learned how to weave the words from our Item Title into our Item Description last week. Using this same technique, you want to weave your Shop Title keywords into the first 2 lines of your Announcement. The difference here is that you can have words strung together without building a paragraph to read.

One other area you need to look at is the Sections. If you have dozens to hundreds of items in your shop, organizing them into sections can help your customers find what they are looking for. It is important for you to use those same keywords here as well.  This can get a little tricky because are limited to the length of your words.

I mentioned in our first week that "getting found on Etsy and getting found on Google (or other search engines) are different....and the same. The method for each is to help your customers find you." Matching your Item Title, Item Description and Tagging keywords help you get found on Etsy. Matching your Shop Title, Shop Announcement and Shop Section keywords help you get found on Google.

When I started doing research for this training three weeks ago I was not ranking well on Google. I took my own advice and moved some keywords around so they would work more efficiently for me. To my surprise and delight, today I Googled the phrase "personalized wedding clutches" and my shop now shows up on the first page of that search!! This is definite proof to me that using this technique works!!

You'll see that my Shop Title shows up in purple and my Shop Announcement echoes the same words below. I believe that is one of the main reasons my ranking is high on the search.

With all of this said, keywords are not the only keys to getting found on Etsy and Google. Etsy likes it when you are active in your shop. Google likes it when you are active on the web. Like I said before...this SEO thing is a big nut to crack. There is a lot to it and we'll look at how our activity can increases our success too.  


  1. More good info! Quickly learning, the job is not done after just listing an item. Thank you!

    1. You are right there! I wish you much success in your etsy shop!!


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