Thursday, February 12, 2015

How To Navigate Change

I started off the beginning of the year with a sense of frustration. I was very unsure of my next step and wanted so badly to be in a place where things felt solid and rooted. Then came the day in January when I started my walking routine and I passed by a sign that said, “The Art of Change”. Those words resonated in me and I knew that some kind of change was coming.

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It’s not unusual for me to spend several hours alone in my studio with my thoughts meandering from one thing to another. Most often those thoughts are about my business. Thoughts about ideas that I might try or questions about choices I’ve either made or are pondering. Sometimes, in the middle of my normal thought process, something will drop down in my mind that is from completely out of the blue. When that happens I know I need to pay attention to it.

I didn’t realized how much I had put my commitment to Belle’s Nest on the back burner. Keeping them stocked with inventory and bringing in new items every season was something that had literally become the very last thing on my list. Although I had very good intentions, I wasn’t backing them up with actions. I suddenly knew that it was time to let that commitment go. Crazy thing wasn’t even on my radar but I knew it was right. I contacted them and collected my inventory the next afternoon.

I believe that part of the art of change is not being afraid to let things go and doing it with gratitude and graciousness. It felt awkward for me to say goodbye to Belle’s Nest because I know I have a following of customers there and the sisters who own the business have been so gracious to me. Those are very good reasons for me to stay but I know there must be an even better reasons for me to move on.

How about you? Are you getting a nudge to change something? If so, how does that feel?

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