Monday, February 9, 2015

Noteworthy Podcasts to Encourage and Motivate Creative Women Entrepreneurs

I spend several hours a day working in my studio and I love listening to podcasts as I work. It’s awesome being able to work and listen to encouraging, business building info at the same time.

Noteworthy Podcasts to Encourage and Motivate Creative Women Entrepreneurs 

There are hundreds of podcast available and I love the convenience of tapping into this resource from my iPad and iPhone whether I’m in my home studio, walking to the post office or taking a field trip to the LA fabric district.

By downloading the My Podcast app I can search for all my favorite podcasts, subscribe to them and find new and archived recordings all in one place whenever I want. Below, in no particular order, is a selection of some of my favorite podcast.  All are hosted by women and provide resources on topics relating to creativity, business and lifestyle. I’m hooked and I bet you will be too!!


After being published in Southern Weddings Magazine last Fall, I started following Lara Casey (chief editor) on Instagram. She mentioned in one of her links and that connected me to their podcasts. This community of godly women share encouraging and inspiring information for those who are blogging and creative business owners. I’ve also been introduced to other podcasts through them.

I was introduced to Kat Lee and her podcast through The Influence Network. She speaks from years of experience as a blogger and features tips, tricks and interviews with other successful bloggers.

Monica Lee features creative entrepreneurs and business owners on her podcast and I’ve learned that I’m not alone in the daily struggles of keeping up with all the aspects of my business. I’ve gained valuable information on how to stay motivated and keep doing what I love to do.

Love this podcast with all the small business thoughts that are shared. Anyone with a creative business will love listening in!

Two of my favorite bloggers, Emily Freeman from Chatting At The Sky, and Myquillyn Smith from Nesting Place, join their dad for a family chat about finding hope in an imperfect, dysfunctional work. It’s delightful and uplifting! A monthly podcast I always look forward to!

So now that you know some of my favorites I'd love to hear about some podcasts that you like!

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