Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to Use Picmonkey to Create a Color Palette from Your Style Board

As much as I’d love to be well acquainted with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, I don’t have the time to invest in increasing that skill right now. I only know enough to get me by on a few things. So, when I wanted to create a color palette from my Color Style Board I looked to see what PicMonkey could do for me and found success!!

How to Use Picmonkey to Create a Color Palette Collage by 

I know there might be others who are curious about the process so I thought I’d share a few how-to tips. PicMonkey is a free photo editing service that allowed you to also add text to your photos and arrange them in collage templates. Even though there is a list of standard templates to choose from, they can be easily altered so the possibilities are endless!

You’ll start by going to and clicking on the collage icon. This will automatically open a window from your computer so you can choose the photos for your collage. You’ll find a menu board on the left with different collage configurations. I chose the “Cards” option and the 6 x 8 size from the drop down menu.

As you drop your photos in you’ll see a thin grey line appear. This line indicates what area the photo will fill. You can also touch the sides of each column or row and pull or push to make them narrow or wide. This is also true about the width of the entire collage. I wanted to create a long, narrow design and by adjusting and playing with it that’s exactly what I got.

Once you fill the top two rows with your photos and arranged them the way you like, it’s time to switch over to the edit window. It is there that you can create the shapes for the bottom section and grab colors from your photos.

It’s easy to create a shape and duplicate it over and over instead of creating a new shape each time. A menu for this option will appear by right clicking on the shape. 

Clicking on each shape will activate a color box. Click on the eye dropper and hover it over the colors of your photos until you find a color you like. After clicking the color, you’ll see a set of numbers and/or letters in the box on the color chart. You may want to add this as text to your color box or make a note of it somewhere so you can refer to it later. This information will help you create a consistent look with the colors for your blog or website. 

 Did this information help any of you? Do you have any other helpful hints for making this process easier or better?

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