Monday, March 23, 2015

Ideas for Personalizing Your Shipping Packages

My customers are constantly telling me that they feel special because their order is packaged like a gift. That has always been my goal so I’m glad what I’m doing is working. My wrapping paper and packaging style has changed and evolved since I opened my Etsy shop but the purpose behind it has always been the same. I want each and every order to have a personal touch even down to the thank you note!


There is a shop in Cambria, California that I used to visit every year during our weekend stay there. They always took the time to package my purchase in a little brown bag with a piece of raffia tied around the top and a sprig of rosemary and dried lemon added for a special touch. I always walked away feeling like I just bought myself a gift.

I adopted this packaging style for the first year or so of my business. Each bag was handmade! I dried the fruit myself and picked rosemary from my own garden. 


It became obvious as the number of orders increased that I would not be able to put the time and effort into hand making each package. At that time I started looking into packaging materials that I could purchase that still had a quality of joy and surprise to it.

I took an online painting class earlier that year and the instructor sent me a little gift in a glassine bag. I could see that there were some fun things inside the package but there was still an element of surprise hidden behind the frosted paper. I had found my new packaging inspiration!

Personalized Clutches, Perfect Thank You Gifts from Mama Bleu Designs


As my business grew even more I needed to find ways to keep things beautiful yet simple. I use supplies like tissue paper, white wrapping paper and printed logo stickers. And I always include a handwritten thank you note. 

Personalized Clutches by Mama Bleu Designs


I order all of my supplies from Uline. I’ve found that they are a great resource for just about everything I need. Before you send off your next order think about what you can do to add a personal touch to your packaging. I’d love to hear some of your ideas!!


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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me on this Patricia. Customer service is a huge thing to me so I'm glad this post is inspirational to you.


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