Thursday, April 16, 2015

Secrets to Getting Press for Your Etsy Shop

There are so many ways of putting yourself out there in hopes of getting published in magazines and on blogs. I’ve listened to podcasts, watched Etsy trainings and collected ideas but I just haven’t made the time to reach out to magazine editors or bloggers yet I’ve consistently been published in major publications year after year. 

Secrets to Getting Press for you Etsy Shop

So what is my secret?

Being on Etsy….plain and simple!!


Year after year I get emails from people who work in the editorial department for magazines and they are looking for items to feature in their next publication. They know that Etsy offers an abundance of new and seasoned artists and makers who are constantly creating new items. Their  job is to find one or more items that match the theme of their magazine article. Because they are working 3-6 months ahead, I’ve had editors click through my sold list to see what seasonal or holiday items I’ve offered before.


Most of the requests I’ve received from bloggers have been about reviewing one of my items and featuring it on their blog. It may be tempting to jump at every offer that comes your way but before responding I suggest that you do some investigating.

I always take a look at their blog. If the look of their online presence, the voice they are using or the audience they are attracting is completely different from mine then I know I need to decline the offer.

If you get this kind of offer and you don’t see any red flags then go ahead and try it. It may work really well for you. And if it doesn’t then chalk it up as another learning experience.

Not all requests from bloggers have anything to do with reviews or sending products. Most of the time I get an email notification that they have used some of my photos and are featuring my shop because they like my items and my photos. These blog posts often bring traffic to my shop several months or years later. One such feature for me is this one by Ann Kelle!


The one thing I hear over and over from magazine editors is that they like clear, bright photos with white backgrounds.

I spent most of 2011, my first full year on Etsy, tweaking and improving my photos. The fruits of my labor came in January of 2012 when an editor from Stampington & Company approached me about publishing a couple of my items in their June issue of Sew Somerset. I was completely shocked and overjoyed as you can imagine. 

You can find info here on how to make your photos publicity-ready. 


In most cases, when approached about using your photos, a magazine editor will request a high resolution photo of your item. The images that are posted in your Etsy shop are too small to be used for print. I would suggest that you try to organized your photos in a way that makes it easy for you to find all of your original images.


Although treasuries are no longer featured on the front page of Etsy, there are other ways to catch the eye of magazine editors and bloggers. This article and this article may be a little outdated but I believe you will find most of the information helpful and relevant.
Another Etsy article about Getting Press is written by Amy Flurry. I checked out her website and found it to be full of great advice if you decide you’d like to reach out for press opportunities rather than waiting for them to come to you.

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