Thursday, September 10, 2015

Six Creative Resources to Help You Stay Motivated and Inspired

During times of burnout or stagnation in your business it can often be hard to stay motivated. If you are in this season of your business, believe me, you are not the only one to ever feel this way. Staying continually motivated is an ongoing process but there are some things that you can do to trigger that place of creativity again. 

Six Creative Resources to Help You Stay Motivated and Inspired


One of my favorite pastimes is walking through a bookstore. Since they are far and few between these days it is a real treat for me to spend an hour or more checking out the books on business,  creative processes and more. Just flipping through and reading the pages of books and magazines is an incredible source of inspiration.  I’m constantly adding to my personal library because I believe that being a student of your field can help you keep things fresh and continually motivated.

Style Your Brand - Creative Inspiration


The next best thing to a bookstore is your local library. Our library is quite small but I still find several books that I don’t own myself. When you purchase a book it may sit on your shelf for a length of time before you read it, but when you borrow a book from the library it gives you a sense of urgency to dive into it immediately. 


Although audio books are not a source of visual inspiration, they can help you get through some of your reading list much quicker. I don’t always have the time to actually read a book, but listening to one while I’m working is so convenient. 


Another convenient way to listen to amazing information is through podcasts. Learning about this resource of information has changed my business. If I’m not listening to music while I’m working, I’m enjoying the stories and insists of other entrepreneurs!


A constant stream of inspiration, Instagram is a living magazine of photos and stories. It’s like flipping through your favorite publications on a daily basis. 


Setting aside time for  “artist dates” is a great way to stir up those creative juices. I’ve experienced significant benefits from scheduling these into my monthly calendar or letting them happen spontaneously when I’m out doing errands.

An artist date can be spent walking through a book store or visiting your local library.  Try strolling through an art supply store and picking up a new color of paint or a brand new sketchbook. Anthrolopogie is always a great  field trip. The level of creativity in the store displays is enough to load you up with inspiration. My daughter and I took a free workshop there last Fall and it was so fun. 

Finding your Creativity and Inspiration

Whether you are in a stuck in a place of stagnation or completely burned out from overwork or somewhere in between, schedule some creative inspiration time for yourself. It will pay off in dividends!!

I’d love to hear about resources you have found to be inspirational! What are you reading? Where do you like to go? What is your favorite podcast?

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