Hi, I'm Laura

I help entrepreneurs embrace their creative lifestyle as a way to experience financial freedom by building a successful Etsy business. 

Does this resonate with you? Have you been dreaming of this for a long time? If so, you are in the right place!!

Monogram Clutches
Four years ago I was right where you are and 
wondering if I could ever make good money with Etsy

I was burned out from my previous job and had a floundering Etsy business that I had hung my hopes on. I felt pretty lost as to what I should do but wasn’t ready to give up. To top it all off, Etsy started making some huge changes and I watched my shop sales plummet.

Many of my Etsy friends were jumping ship but I kept holding onto the thought that I just needed to hang on, dig my heels in and remember that Etsy was trying to build a better platform for the long run.

I spent the next couple of years building my Etsy side-hustle sales into a leave-your-day-job income. The time I took (and I still take because I love to learn) to investigate and read and observe and learn-by-trial-and-error is paying off! The truth is, my husband lost his job this year and I am so, so thankful I took the time to put in the hours of hard work so that we are able to live on my income. That peace of mind is priceless!!

My income multiplied significantly over that time frame
so I know what I’m doing WORKS!!

Setting up an Etsy shop is pretty easy but building a strong business from it can be hard when you are trying to do it alone. I’ve been there…..done that!!

One of the best lessons I’ve learned as a creative entrepreneur is to watch, listen and learn from those who are making it happen. Every time I’ve done that I’ve grown my business to a new level!

I’m here to share what I learned and take you on a journey toward success but I need your help!

What Etsy questions do you have? What business topics would you like me to address? What are the things you are struggling with the most in your Etsy business? 

Please share those things with me at mamableudesigns@gmail.com

Cheering for you,